Personal Safety devices for young and old

Keeping track of at risk employees and loved ones has become much easier thanks to the Navigil S3 Personal safety device - a watch with a fully functional mobile phone, activated with a single button press. It features GPS tracking and geo-fencing capability, providing a reliable and discrete, mobile alarm. With an in-built GPS system, you can pinpoint the exact location of the person you are looking for using a map on your smartphone or tablet.

All models offer geo-fencing, a virtual electronic barrier set up on a digital map which, when breached, immediately alerts the designated emergency contact. Our devices also include cellular connectivity so that SOS calls can be made to a designated number from their Navigil GPS Tracker.

The device also comes with an easy to use interface that allows the emergency contacts to be updated and changed based on their availability, plus the ability to enable 24hr emergency monitoring by our alarm monitoring partner.

Suggested beneficiaries include:

  • Older people who are either:
    • on the move (grey nomads)
    • ageing in place
    • living with dementia
  • People with disability
  • Lone, remote and rural workers

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